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About Us

We are a specialty boutique store for Lindale, Texas souvenirs, gifts, bridal & wedding boutique,  Lindale EAGLES Spirit Shop, stationery, greeting cards, clothes, home & yard decor, tumblers, mugs, hats, stickers, magnets, posters, shoes, jewelry, pet supplies & gifts, kids boutique, baby shower & new baby gifts, & novelty gifts.

Lindale Eagles school pride & team spirit gifts,  as well as our Lindale, Texas

visiting country music fan souvenirs, are perfect for remembering your visit to our special town


you just want to brag on where you come from!  :)


Make sure you visit us for back-to-school,

Halloween, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day,

holiday gift shopping and birthday gift ideas!

Our Story

***Create Your Own Reality***

"I have potential." *giggles*
When I was a teenager I would spend hours on the phone with Bestie "designing" sarcastic and witty (to me) t-shirts, buttons, etc that I would someday sell and we would crack ourselves up.

One of the classics me and Bestie still laugh about at 50+ is "I have potential." that I declared would someday be a shirt because we had Open House Parent Night at school and the teachers kept telling my mom how much "potential" I had to do amazing things...I laughed because I really just wanted to have a T-Shirt Shop someday.

So after working in so many other fields, being a full time homemaker at times, being an entrepreneur and volunteer, I challenged myself to push it all aside and rediscover myself. I decided it was time to live by the advice I often give that I got from Mom:

"Create your own reality."
"Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life."
"Do what you love and the money will follow."

I asked myself what would REALLY make me happy as an old lady and what I came up with was making those t-shirts and buttons. I have notebooks full of ideas. I'm learning design. I'm learning Etsy. I'm learning all of this new AI stuff. It's a lot to learn and do but I'm having so much fun and I'm loving what I do every day now. I just hope to find the right people that are into the same weird stuff as I am or have my crazy sense of humor or want to support my dreams and spoil their weird friends. :)

I haven't sold anything yet but it's still a Dream Come True just to have the opportunity. I'm tenacious and have a stubborn reputation. I won't give up. I'll just keep making more weird stuff until the dream comes true... Thanks for reading all this and if you don't want anything then keep me in mind for your weirdo conspiracy theorists, alien contactees, ufo enthusiasts, bigfoot hunters & witchy friends, maybe share the link for me or if you need a gift, remember the weird old lady trying to make teenage dreams come true, please. Things are just about to come full circle for me and I appreciate all the good vibes, prayers and happy wishes for success. People on Etsy have been so nice!

THANK YOU!!! I wish you good karma and hope your dreams come true, too...the hardest part is figuring out what you want.

Only took me five decades but hey, I'm doing it now. :)

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