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Nevermore Academy

Public·1 student I asked AI chat bot to write a short story about Kayleigh and her pet dragon, Violet. In about a minute it came back with this tale. Then I asked another bot to create an image of Violet.

I published an illustrated short story in 2 minutes from concept to posting. It's practically magic. I love the future. :)

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess named Kayleigh. She was kind, brave, and intelligent, and everyone in the kingdom loved her. One day, while exploring the forest near the castle, Princess Kayleigh stumbled upon a small, wounded dragon. It was a rare violet color and had been injured in a battle with a group of knights.

Kayleigh knew that dragons were usually fierce and dangerous creatures, but she couldn't bear to leave the poor dragon to suffer. So, she carefully tended to its wounds and brought it back to the castle. As she cared for the dragon, she named it Violet and they quickly became the best of friends.

Over time, Violet grew stronger and more majestic under Kayleigh's care. The two were inseparable, and Kayleigh loved nothing more than flying on Violet's back through the clear blue skies of the kingdom. They would often visit the various towns and villages, bringing joy and hope to the people who lived there.

As Violet grew, so did her reputation. Soon, everyone in the kingdom knew of the princess and her pet dragon, and they were revered as heroes. Kayleigh and Violet's adventures became the stuff of legend, and they were remembered for generations to come as the bravest and most noble duo in the kingdom.

And so, Princess Kayleigh and Violet the dragon lived happily ever after, bringing happiness and hope to all those they encountered.


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